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Starseed Activation Crystal Ritual Kit

Starseed Activation Crystal Ritual Kit

8 Step Starseed Activation Ritual, Channeled Crystal Clearing and Programming Prayer and item description sheet are also included.


+ Moldavite was created by a meteorite crash 15 million years ago. use it to meditate with the intention to unlock your purpose & forgotten memories.


+ Lemurian Quartz it is said Lemurians programmed these crystals to teach their messages of oneness & healing which would be revealed when ones energy was ready to receive them. use in meditation to unlock wisdom & forgotten memories.


+ Selenite is a calming stone that instils deep peace, aids in clearing your emotions, energy, and physical bodies, and also cleanses other crystals.

  • Conscious Packaging

    Packaging is made from Recycled Materials, Zero-Waste, or Reused. Gaia is conscious and we protect and respect her in all that we do.

    ❤️ Curated and Created by Hand With Love in California          ❤️

  • Note on Crystals

    Note on Crystals: The size and shape of each Crystal is unique. Crystals were curated for each bundle based on the intention of that kit. All Crystals included are comparable to the size of the Crystals in the bundle photos. For scale, the selenite stick in the photo is 3.5 inches.