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Soul Readings by Monica Marie

After a near-death experience, my whole life changed. The things I thought were important suddenly seemed so trivial. I started to reconnect to the intuitive powers I had when I was a child, and I released all of the fear I felt in response to those powers. I was led to a straight-talking shaman who told me I would always be depressed if I didn't learn to accept my ability to "walk between the worlds," and she was right. Synchronistically, I was presented with many teachers and healers on my path after my meeting with the Shaman, and so my journey into channeling, mediumship, and energy healing began.

I have studied channeling with Shawn Randall, Mediumship with Michael Mayo, Karen Anderson, and Hillary Michaelson, Akashic Records Reading with Linda Howe, and Energy Healing with Travis Taylor and Surj Bahra. I've also engaged with courses, healings, classes, and readings with numerous other amazing teachers and spirit workers throughout my soul growth journey. I welcome you to connect with me on your own soul growth journey if you feel drawn in my direction.

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I’m not one to leave reviews often, I mean, readers need to really astound me for me to do it. Monica did just that. What a gift it was. I just gave her my name and asked for her to go for it. In return, Monica shared information, guidance, and messages from my mother and guides. Monica communicated clearly and sweetly about the most precious topics close to my heart. I was moved and remained in a peaceful state for the rest of the reading. If you want a truly spiritual and meaningful reading, then I highly recommend Monica! Many blessings to you Monica and thank you for sharing your gifts!

Rose from Virginia


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Do you need a reading but don't have the money? I believe everyone deserves to connect with their guides and receive their wisdom and support when they feel they need it most, so I offer one free reading a whoever spirit directs me to that week. Join our free reading waiting list below if you feel you need a reading, but you truly don't have the funds to support it.

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