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I've used so many journaling exercises, meditations, intention setting rituals, and channeling sessions with my guides throughout my life to help me heal and grow in all the ways my soul came here to experience. Now I want to share these insights, tools, and exercises with everyone so they can find the right people at the right time.

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Manifestation & Creation EBook

I decided to share this ebook book after I channeled it for my own personal use. This information was channeled from my guides whom I work with and channel often. Their guidance has helped me immensely throughout the years and I hope it helps you too.

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SoulMate Manifestation Ritual

Have you ever truly taken the time to heal from your past experiences, wade through your beliefs about relationships, and identify what it is you really want from yourself and a partner before you got into a relationship? That is exactly that these writing exercises and ritual will walk you through. Call in your guides, your sou, and open up to the process of consciously healing to make way for a relationship that feeds your soul in all the ways you are ready to receive.


Identifying Your Soul Lessons Ritual

Ever wonder why you keep coming up against similar challenges or situations over and over again? They may be related to the soul lesson themes your soul came to this body, this planet, and this time to learn through. We all came with lessons to learn, and the writing exercises and ritual included in this download are meant to help you dig through your life to identify and uncover the themes your soul came here to experiences so you can contend with the lessons you are ready to learn.


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